Troubleshooting FAQ
  Verify your computer settings
Internet Explorer ONLY (add to Trusted Sites) >>
1) Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security tab.
2) Select the Trusted Sites icon and click on the Sites button.
3) When the new window comes up, make certain that, Requires Server Verification is DESELECTED
4) Type * into the top entry field and click the Add button.
5) Close the Trusted Sites dialog window and make certain the Security level for this zone (Trusted sites) is set to Low.
6) Verify that Enable Protected Mode is disabled for Trusted sites.
7) Click OK and close all open browsers before opening a new one to try again.

Disable VPN connections >>
VPNs often cause dropped connections so if you are connected to one (e.g. connected to your workplace network), please disable your VPN now.
Install the Citrix ICA client >>
The Citrix ICA Web Client is required to access our Servers through the Internet. Select Run and follow the installation instructions.

Clear your browser cache & verify size is greater than 100 MB >>
Clearing your cache will solve several potential issues. Ensuring your cache is not significantly larger or smaller than 100 MB will also help alleviate issues and likely improve your browsing performance in general. In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > General tab to make the changes.
Disable Pop-up Blockers >>
You can either disable ALL your pop-up blockers (don't forget third party software like Google, Yahoo or anti-virus programs) or just "allow" *


  Connection issues and solutions
Typing but keystrokes aren't showing up? >>
In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > Security tab > Trusted sites icon > Sites button > un-check, "Require server authentication (https)..." > type, * > click Add > Close button. Still on the Security tab with Trusted sites selected, lower the "Security level for this zone" to Low > Apply button > OK button, then close all open browsers and start again.
Save ICA file message? >>
In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab and scroll to the Security section at the bottom and deselect "Do not save encrypted pages to disk". This will allow the ICA client to install rather than save to your disk.
"Authentication failure" or "Resource not available" message? >>
Some companies use Proxy Servers to govern their employees Internet access. If you are getting a message that sounds like "authentication has failed" or a "resource has been blocked", this is most likely due to the use of an Automatic Configuration Script.

There are two solutions: one, use a computer outside your current network (e.g. your home computer); or two, when accessing the system try using a Fixed Proxy. This will require the assistance of your local IT department.  In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > Configuration tab > LAN Settings. When the LAN Settings dialog window opens, you will want to write down your current Automatic Configuration Script as it will disappear once you disable it. Once it is disabled, enter your Fixed Proxy Server address information (you’ll get this from your IT department). Click OK to close the two windows and then close all open browsers. Open a new browser and try again.
Slow or intermittent connection? >>
Try connecting to other sites to help diagnose if the connection issue is your local computer, local network, somewhere on the Internet, or Toolwire's infrastructure. Please ensure that you have disconnected any VPN's as they can cause latency and dropped connections to our system. Are you experiencing the same issue on all sites? If yes, then very likely the issue is not our our end there is little we can do to help.

If no, try opening a DOS (command line) window and type the command, "tracert". Also try address The last line of output should resolve to (or if the connection between your computer and our data center is good. If you don't resolve successfully to these addresses then the problem is not on our end but somewhere in between you and our data center.

Each line of output displays roundtrip latency values for each hop. These should be less than 400ms each in order to have a good Scenario experience. Latency values over 400ms, timeouts or *** results MAY indicate a problem but these can also just be normal traffic jams or firewall restrictions on the Internet.

If the "tracert" command was blocked by your network security settings try using the "ping" command. This is less informative but also useful. If "ping" is blocked as well, contact your IT department for assistance. Please include any output information in your support case.
Dropped connection? >>
If your connection drops for whatever reason while you are in a Lab you can click on the "Reconnect" button on the navigation bar on the top right side of the screen. Please ensure that you have disconnected any VPN's as they can cause latency and dropped connections to our system. Also review the above topic, "Slow or intermittent connection?" above on how to diagnose further.
Maintenance >>
Our regularly scheduled maintenance hours are Sundays from 12am to 2am Pacific Time. All maintenance activity, scheduled or unscheduled, will show a maintenance page with estimated duration.

  Connection Test Diagnostics
Try our connection test diagnostics page >>
Sometimes even the solutions above may not solve your connection problem. Please try our Connection Test Diagnostics page and contact support with the results if this page doesn't solve the issue.
Try our bandwidth and latency test >>
Sometimes your network connection may be constrained or very slow. Try our Network Check page and contact support with the results.


  Contact Support

If you're still having trouble; email, or call us at (925) 227-8500 x200 or toll-free (866) 935-8665 x200.

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