As with testing resources and activities, the first thing you should check with Knowledge Checks and Quizzes is how they look and behave in the learning interface:

  1. Launch
  2. Completion
  3. Title and Description
  4. Information (Duration, Type, etc.)
  5. Thumbnail Image

Refer to the Test Resources Guide if you need help testing these aspects of your Knowledge Checks and Quizzes.

This guide focuses on testing the content and behavior of the Knowledge Check or Quiz itself. You will be checking to make sure the questions, answers, and scoring look and function as you expect them to, based on the quiz settings in TILE Composer.

NOTE: If you want to use one tool to check all of your course elements, you can download the comprehensive TILE Testing Checklist.

Access the Learning Portal

You will test your activities by accessing them as your learners will, in the TILE learning portal. Follow the steps below to access the Portal before you test.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Select the Profiles option in the side menu.

  2. Select the “Going Online: Sandbox” learning profile.

  3. The practice lesson/course opens. Check to make sure the lesson displayed is your lesson by confirming the Title.

  4. If it is NOT your lesson, follow these steps to load your lesson:
    1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the lesson Title

    2. A complete list of lessons appears in a “ribbon” interface. Select your lesson. The ribbon display collapses and your lesson is displayed.

Test Knowledge Checks and Quizzes

Look at the items below to test your Knowledge Checks and Quizzes:

  1. Questions appear in the expected order (either the order in the Quiz Questions page in Composer, or in random order if set that way)
  2. Question text is appropriate, with no typos
  3. Answer text is appropriate, with no typos

  4. Check that answers that should be correct are marked that way

  5. Check that answers that should be incorrect are marked that way. Also, check that the visual feedback is set to your preference:
    • All Possible Choices (default) – indicates if the learner’s selection(s) were correct or incorrect, and also indicates which un-selected answer option(s) are correct
    • Selected Only – indicates if the learner’s selection(s) were correct or incorrect, but not which un-selected answer option(s) are correct
    • No Feedback – there’s no indication of correct/incorrect for learner’s selections (learner doesn’t know how they did on the quiz until the end)

  6. Be sure to check the answers and feedback for each type of question in your Knowledge Check/Quiz. For Multiple Select check that each correct answer option is marked that way.
    NOTE: If any correct/incorrect results in the questions are wrong, you will need to modify your Quiz Question settings in TILE Composer. Refer to the Quiz Guide if you need help with this.

  7. For Sequence questions, check that the correct item order is accurate.

  8. For Input Text questions, check that correctly entered text is marked that way. You may have set up multiple correct options in Composer (for different capitalizations, spellings, etc.) – if so, check that each of these options is marked correct/incorrect as you intended.

  9. For Matching and Sorting questions, check that item and category matches are marked correct/incorrect appropriately.

  10. The final thing to check is the overall Quiz Results. Check that the passing threshold is what you want – if it isn’t, you’ll need to update the passing threshold in TILE Composer.

  11. If your quiz is an un-scored “Knowledge Check,” check that the appropriate completion message is displayed.

We recommend you record any issues you find – this helps ensure that you remember what needs to be fixed when you go back to Composer. You can use this spreadsheet tool to help you track any issues you find. It may be helpful to take screenshots of certain issues.

Refer to the Quiz Guide if you need help making updates to your Knowledge Check or Quiz in Composer.